Health Language

Primary User:
Health Language operates a SaaS application for the healthcare industry. They have very high requirements for reliability and up-time, as well as regulatory and industry compliance.


Struggling with staff turnover and technical debt from previous infrastructure administrators, Health Language was left using a large number of disparate platforms to run their business on.

The main problem was instability and downtime risk, which is not acceptable in their business. Their application was underperforming and unable to leverage the available features of their Cisco infrastructure.

Root cause troubleshooting was difficult and inconclusive, resulting in cumbersome maintenance and downtime requirements. Major investments on high-end storage, severs and networking gear – including Cisco Nexus and UCS hardware – were not seeing the return they expected


– Root Group completed a discovery and documentation project, giving Health Language full awareness of what their systems were capable of, and how to truly leverage their investments

– Integrated each system with an understanding of their business processes and needs

– Re-designed underlying infrastructure fabric to make it resilient and efficient

– Diagnosed and mitigated potential weaknesses in security framework

– Stabilized their Microsoft Active Directory and connected Single Sign-On mechanisms

– Eliminated insecure SSL/TLS from the environment


"The Root Group is very easy to work with in all aspects of solutions delivery. Be it adjusting to financial terms, consulting schedule changes, or acquiring a different set of skills in times of need, RootGroup has always delivered.

Their engineering staff has a very good understanding of our entire infrastructure environment and I’ve found that their technical bench strength has been a big asset to Health Language. Whenever we need unique skill requirements or quick response to time-critical situations, The Root Group is able to deliver."