Renewable Energy Solutions

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Renewable Site Infrastructure

The Root Group has been teaming with OT providers, EPC companies and O&M providers to provide IT services to the wind, solar and battery Renewable Energy market since 2010.

Site Standardization Architecture

Based on Root Group’s years of experience architecting NERC CIP compliant IT systems, a Reference Architecture is built for renewable energy site standardization that meets your compliance requirements. A standardized site architecture requires less upgrades, ongoing maintenance and you can gain operation-wide consistency with reduced cost and complexity.

Site Monitoring & Management

Packages include 24 x 7 or 8 x 5 monitoring and alerting of networks, security and environmental with 2 hour, 4 hour or NBD SLAs, onboarding and documentation to best practice standards, escalation procedures, patching and upgrading, troubleshooting, backups of devices and configurations, policy and access management changes and an assigned account manager.

Site Documentation (DaaS)

Detailed inventory of all site infrastructure assets including versions and attributes. Review of existing documentation and modify as appropriate and maintain throughout site lifecycle. Document security and firewall policies. Create or modify network diagrams and topology maps.

Patch Management

Weekly or monthly review of site assets and monthly or quarterly application. Assets include; servers, hypervisors, switches, routers and firewalls.


Blocks of hours or ad hoc response. Use as needed for remote or on-site needs. Can also be used for incident response and remediation.

Firewall Auditing

Comprehensive review of firewall rules and event logs with customized reporting. Policy recommendations and report generation for specific compliance frameworks.

Security & Network Assessments

Review corporate and site security policies and assess for compliance to existing deployment. Report findings and provide recommendations and priorities for necessary remediation.

Vulnerability Scans

Quarterly, semi-annual or annual external vulnerability scans. Network scans of desired hosts, malware scans, host authentication and missing update identification, security bypass detection and notification, web vulnerability scanning, elevation of privilege detection. Provide report sorted by high, medium and low threat ratings along with notes on areas that need special attention.

Staff Augmentation

We have the ability to help fill engineering staff shortfalls or expertise gaps. Contact us to discuss our flexible options for temporary needs.

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