Sterling Construction Company

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The Root Group’s expert engineers thoroughly analyzed, architected and deployed a hybrid cloud-based infrastructure for a mid-sized construction company that was optimized to


A mid-sized construction company was preparing to merge with another group and recognized the need to ensure their network was up to date, compliant, and operating optimally.

Much of their equipment (Servers, Storage, Networking, Security) was out of date or “end of life”, and needed to be replaced.

This company came to Root Group seeking expert guidance on the best infrastructure solution for the company given both current and expected future business needs.


The Root Group engineering and sales staff architected potential on- premise and cloud solutions for the company’s consideration. They interviewed multiple cloud providers on behalf of Sterling to evaluate various options and ensure compliance.

Using their research, The Root Group performed ROI analyses for each option and discussed them in depth with Sterling.

The analyses as well as the company’s limited IT resources and future business needs indicated very strong advantages to adoption of a cloud solution.