Outbreak Alerts

The Root Group constantly monitors the latest cybersecurity threats that could impact your business. To help our customers stay informed, The Root Group is providing a link to Fortinet’s Outbreak Alerts.

FortiGuard Outbreak Alerts

When a cybersecurity incident/attack/event occurs that has large ramifications to the cybersecurity industry and affects numerous organizations, FortiGuard Outbreak Alerts will be the mechanism for communicating important information to Fortinet’s customers and partners. These Outbreak Alerts will help you understand what happened, the technical details of the attack and how organizations can protect themselves from the attack and others like it.

The Alert will include:

  • Details of the attack including timeline, technology affected, and where applicable patches/ mitigation recommendations can be found
  • Recommended Fortinet products that would break the attack sequence, and threat hunting tools to help you determine if you were affected
  • Additional related research from FortiGuard Labs

The Fortinet FortiGuard Outbreak Alerts are organized according to the NIST Cybersecurity Framework: