A Primer on Artificial Intelligence and Cybersecurity 


Rising Involvement of Artificial Intelligence: 

Artificial intelligence is increasingly essential to cyber operations and has become a major emphasis area in cybersecurity research development. 

AI’s Impact on Cybersecurity: 

AI and Machine Learning (ML) play a significant role in threat intelligence, network surveillance, and identity management in cybersecurity. 

Adaptable Network Applications: 

AI and ML enable automated and adaptable network security applications, providing real-time reports and diagnostic analysis. 

Challenges in Cybersecurity: 

Keeping up with sophisticated adversaries utilizing AI for illegal activities presents a significant challenge to cybersecurity. 

Future of Cybersecurity with AI: 

AI will have a disruptive effect on operational cybersecurity models, requiring continual adaptation of risk management approaches and technology implementation. 

A thorough understanding of AI’s potential uses, benefits, and drawbacks is necessary for the future of cybersecurity. 



A Primer On Artificial Intelligence and Cybersecurity (forbes.com)


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